Live Streaming

With a full live production kit, Evan and his team can provide strategic and technical options to produce a tailored live production for your event.

If you are hosting an event and looking for a service provider to live stream it, then get in touch today and find out how they can turn your event into a live, professional production. 


Evan and his team can manage live graphics, social media interaction and connections from remote locations. from a single camera feed to a multi-camera production.  They can cover a range of events including:

- Meetings 

- Live conferencing

- Zoom integration 

- Gym/fitness and training events

- Live sporting events

- News and live press conference coverage

Remote transmission (live cross)

- Funeral and other private services

- and more!

Live streaming services can be provided within Greater Sydney and regional NSW areas, as well as other regional areas.  

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Live from the games.jpg


 I look forward to working with you.
Evan is Based in Sydney & Orange NSW, servicing both areas and travelling
between both locations every few days
Servicing Australia wide.

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